Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sound of Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 has just opened and this is the first installation in the series in which Gary Rydstrom wasn’t involved. This time sound designing duties have been taken by the always magnificent Tom Myers (who also has a long relationship with Pixar, having done a few of the post-Rydstrom Pixar shorts), he was an assistant sound designer on Toy Story and sound designer on Toy Story 2. Joining Tom on supervision and re-recording mixing is Michael Semanick (wonderful mixer), with whom they also did Wall-E and Up.

Update 7/9/2010:
A neat interview to the sound team, conducted by the guys at Designing Sound. Read it here.

What do you think of it being mixed in 7.1?

Sound Department (credits provided by SoundWorks Collection)
Sound Designer -Tom Myers
Supervising Sound Editors – Tom Myers & Michael Silvers
Re-recording Mixers – Michael Semanick & Tom Myers
Sound Effects Editors – Dustin Cawood, Teresa Eckton, Al Nelson, Tim Nielsen
Foley Editors – Pascal Garneau & Dee Selby
ADR Editors -Steve Slanec & Gwendolyn Yates Whittle
Assistant Supervising Sound Editor – Mac Smith
Assistant Sound Effects Editor – Frank Clary
Assistant Sound Editor – Benny Burtt
Foley Artists – Jana Vance & Dennie Thorpe
Foley Mixer – Frank Rinella
Foley Recordist – Sean England
Mix Technicians -Tony Sereno & Jurgen Scharpf
Digital Transfer – Marco Alicea & John Countryman
Recordist – Ron Roumas
Video Services – John “J.T.” Torrijos
Engineering Services – Steve Morris & James Austin
Digital Editorial Services – Tim Burby, Dave Hunter, Danny Caccavo