Friday, March 28, 2008

Coming Soon

So, this is somewhat strange. I really don't have much spare time to work hardly on this, but for some reason I felt compelled to do it.
I really love Skywalker Sound, it's the reason why I fell in love with sound design and film post-production. I have a ton of information and pictures about it, and have been thinking on making a fan website for quite a few years now. Finally I decided that a blog would be the easiest way of trying to share all this things I had.

For those who are wondering, Skywalker Sound is a sound post-production studio for films located at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Nicasio, California. The history of Skysound is really attached to the history of sound design, so this might be of interest to those who are into it.

My intention is the following. To talk in detail about what Skywalker Sound is, what it does, and how it does it. I would certainly like to post any news that come out. Maybe even try to interview some of the wonderful people that work there.
The idea is to make this a good read for those interested in professional sound for movies.
So, in order for me to know if I would be doing all this things for anyone out there, or just for me, I'd like that all of you who are interested in the development of this blog to drop a line in the comments (and if you want to make suggestions, go ahead as well).

I hope you like the design, and we'll see how this crazy project works out.
May the force be with you,
- Sam