Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Ben Burtt and awards

257812469_585ee2c693_b  There is a wonderful series of videos of a talk Ben Burtt did at Pixar. Collider was there and managed to get video footage of that amazing event. You DON'T wanna miss it. He seems like a rockstar in there, and he really rocked the house with a cool show, sharing a little bit of what he did for Wall-E and other films.
I'd love to be his friend, not only does he knows tons about sound design and sound for movies in general, but he also seems to be a very nice and funny man.
Go watch it NOW. (I don't really like the videoplayer they used, when I played sometimes it simply stopped).

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You can have a bit more of Ben over here:

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On November 6, the winners of the Hollywood Post Alliance awards were announced. This are awards given in categories all related to post-production. The one that interest us is the category for Outstanding Audio Post in Feature Film, as the award went to Ben Burtt (from Pixar. He seems to be a Pixar employee now, therefor not really working for Skywalker Sound for the time being. But since both companies always work toghether, I bet he'll never be far away from Skysound) and to Tom Myers, Michael Semanick and Matthew Wood (from Skywalker Sound).
The Skywalker Sound Blog (that's us) wishes to congratulate them for this achievement. Well done gentlemen!
You can check the rest of the categories over here.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sound Treats

Hi there again listeners,

More news and info regarding Skywalker Sound:
sky_spencer  The latest Spencer Brewer album "Cinematic" was recorded at the scoring stage, and one song in particular was written in it, called "The Walls that Move" inspired by the actual moving walls in the stage (which can provide natural reverb). It was released on July 15 this year.

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One of EA's latest games Dead Space, had it's score recorded at Skywalker Sound. The score features over three hours of music (composed by Jason Graves) recorded during two different recording sessions. In the first session Graves conducted sixty musicians of the acclaimed Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra at the Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, and a year later Graves conducted sixty players of the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra and twenty voice choir at the world famous Skywalker Sound Scoring Stage. During both sessions, co-produced by Jason Graves and Rod Abernethy, the orchestra was recorded individually by section (woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings) with multiple dynamic levels and variations to be implemented as adaptive layers of music in the game. EA’s audio team designed the music system to be multi-layered so the music could be mixed at run-time based on gameplay and situation.
Read the whole press release HERE. Dead Space was released on October 14.

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Nice interview with Dustin Cawood, an assistent sound designer and sound effects supervisor at Skywalker Sound. Read HERE.

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sky_clonewars  The new Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv series has recently begun screening on Cartoon Network. Here is a nice behind the scenes video from MovieBeat:

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