Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skywalker Ranch Tour (#1)

Hello there. So, yesterday I was watching Fanboys (which was mixed at Skywalker Sound. Sound design by David Acord and Matthew Wood as supervising sound editor. Very neat movie indeed.) and I thought I should really blog about Skywalker Ranch.

Skywalker Ranch is the filmmaking paradise created by George Lucas. Contrary to popular belief Mr.Lucas doesn’t live in the Ranch (altough he probably stays there on occasion, he owns it after all). It is located in Marin County, near Nicassio, California.

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Naturally, the ranch is not open to the public and there are no paid tours or things like that.
Here is what it looks like to enter the ranch at night. The video is from the Haxan Films crew (creators of Blair Witch Project) who went to mix their latest film Seventh Moon. This actually looks a bit scary and BlairWitchProject-esque:

And now some pictures! The entrance to the ranch:
A map of the whole ranch:ranchmap
The view from the Main House:180642004_ea750267ba_b
Skywalker Ranch’s own fire truck:182978417_c3798dc32e_b
The Main House in the distance:20026
The Main House:20038
Ewok Lake:
Somewhere in the ranch:20092
The Technical Building, house of Skywalker Sound:2298821428_ecd515cb6a
The Produce:2422635286_11c9e093e7_b
Skywalker animals:257908149_764a71b732_b
A panoramic view of the Ewok Lake and it’s surroundings:

And that’s all for today I’m afraid. I have tons of more pictures that I’m going to be sharing in the coming weeks.