Thursday, July 3, 2008

All Things Ben Burtt on Wall-E


The recently released Pixar's Wall-E has caused a unique phenomenon. I don't know of other occasion in which a sound designer was interviewed as much as Ben Burtt was regarding Wall-E.

Here are all the interviews I collected:
* CanMag
* Movies Online
* SFGate
* Los Angeles Times

And now the multimedia interviews. First a podcast from Studio 360 which is one of the best interviews with Ben:

A Space Journey In Sound:

And a /Film 4-minute Wall-E making of Featurette which has a segment on sound.

I saw Wall-E today and the sound design is the best by far of any movie I have seen this year. Also the story is quite awesome, heartfelt and smart.

On the sound design aspect, I love how Ben Burtt used a wacom tablet to change pitch on sounds in a very creative way.


Sean said...

How did Ben Burtt get the Wacom Tablet to work with Pro Tools?

Sam said...

I did a little bit of research, and here is what I found out so far. Apparently you need Antares AutoTune 5. This version comes with pen input support and it let's you use the wacom tablet.
The AutoTune is a pitch correction plugin, but I bet If Ben used this one, then he messed a lot with it, to change pitch in ways he needed it to.

Sean said...

Thanks, I am researching that application.

James said...

What was the plug in he was using with the keyboard in protools?

James said...
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Sam said...

The keyboard triggers the sounds. And the sounds you hear are probably the result of combining one or more recorded sounds with a variety of processing (I highly doubt is just one plugin).