Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scoring Stage On The Cover


This month's cover of Mix Magazine has Skywalker Sound' Scoring Stage all over it (those beautiful diffusers aren't hard to recognize).
I would like to start by pointing out that the Skywalker Sound HQ is actually called Technical Building and not "Technology Building" as it is in the article). Other than that minor detail, it is an interesting read. Of course it features the amazing Leslie Ann Jones, head of the Scoring Stage and overall genius.
This article informed me about a couple of things I didn't knew:

* They switched digital recording from Euphonix R1 to ProTools HD
* They are recording a considerable number of videogame scores.
* They are having a BIT of a hard time filling the studio (at least compared to .... say... Abbey Road)

"Over lunch on the back porch of the ranch's white-clapboard Victorian mansion-style Main House, the studio's director of scoring and music recording (not to mention record producer and Grammy-winning engineer), Leslie Ann Jones, notes that it is exactly that sort of diversification that has kept her studio busy: film and game scores, major- and indie-label work, classical and rock music, local and national talent."

Read it all HERE!

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